Proof our sales tool is a MUST for B2B sales organizations:

“Select a critical, forecasted, & active sales opportunity where the outcome is in doubt.

If you were to write a case study describing the opportunity and pass it out to your sales organization and ask them for the next critical step to move it forward and increase the probability of winning, how many different answers would you get?”

If the answer isn’t one, we can help

Success Story

TMG’s Sales Checklist™  will provide your sales organization the with tools and skills necessary to consistently identify, pursue and win complex sales opportunities.

Additionally, it provides the tools and skills to successfully plan, execute and assess sales calls.


Onsite, 1.5 Day Workshop Via:

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Sales and Executive Leadership

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Reasons Sales Leaders Like YOU Partner with US:

Salespeople don’t know why they lost an order. When asked, “they thought they had it in the bag.”

Your forecasts are inaccurate and out of date.

Your sales managers are not coaching salespeople to their pursuits -or- each manager coaches differently.

Salespeople cannot articulate why your organization is different and how buyers (customers) are impacted by your product and/or services.

Your closing rate is 25% (win 1 out of 4, or worse) – So you’re losing 75% of the time. Is this acceptable in your Shipping Department? In your Accounting Department?

You’ve tried “Sales Training” in the past, but didn’t see an ROI and the methodology wasn’t coached to.

It takes 6, 12, or even 18 months to see an ROI on new salespeople. Why so long…because their training isn’t tied back to a Process they can understand when getting into their field or territory.

Your major CRM investment is not meeting your expectations.

What are salespeople saying about our Checklist?

"Blue Print helps make the (sales) process black and white and take the emotion out of it. I find it most helpful as others in the company are starting to identify and eliminate poor opportunities themselves."

"The Process has been very valuable. It certainly helps justify why we are moving forward or why it's not of value to continue (with a prospect). I get visibility to higher scores that will be tracked and won."

"The Process has helped in understanding my role in my customer's success."

"I've learned to ask the right questions and weed out pursuits that are not a good fit for our company."

"It keeps me in check on what I need to do (in the field)."

Blue Print Sales Tool Handout

If you’re evaluating a Sales Training organization, 3 Questions to ask:

  1. Do you provide a process or methodology? – describe the difference
  2. How will you measure the impact and link the outcomes achieved to the training?
  3. You’ll guarantee your results, won’t you?