As a tech company leader, do you often feel challenged to grow the performance of your sales organization?

Over the last 25 years, I’ve helped hundreds of sales leaders and thousands of salespeople in companies such as Eaton, Honeywell, ThermoFisher Scientific, and many others increase their win rates by 10-30%, margins 10-15%, and enable them to use data to make more informed decisions.

If you’re like most of my clients when I begin working with them, you’ve tried everything from sales training to CRMs, and you still struggle to grow your sales predictably.

How do I help tech companies accelerate their sales performance, increase win rates by 10-30% and grow margins by 10-15% within 90 days?


  • Utilize a data-driven sales process that is easy to use, simple to coach, and immediately produces measurable results.
  • Understand that facts, data, and evidence exist in sales; sales is not soft science.
  • Apply discipline to decision-making; critical sales decisions are based on data, not emotions or gut feelings.
  • Base sales forecasts on data and observable outcomes.


  • Identify and analyze data enabling continuous sales process improvement.
  • Apply LEAN and Six Sigma concepts to sales, just like the rest of your organization.
  • Systematically minimize variability, defects, and waste, yielding higher revenue, increased margin, and predictability.
  • Identify the root causes of sales wins and losses and develop corrective actions/continuous process improvement.


  • No longer take it as a given that a 30% win or conversion rate, which equals a 70% defect rate, is acceptable.
  • No longer believe that sales is simply an art based on relationships and emotions; it’s based on facts and observable outcomes.
  • Understand that increasing sales is not a matter of working harder; the root cause of not having a process needs to be addressed. Sales training only treats the symptom, not the root cause.

Additionally, I understand that it is increasingly difficult to pull salespeople out of the field for training. Therefore, I have designed Millau’s programs to be innovatively taught as 90-minute, interactive webinars.

I look forward to a discovery call to introduce you to a one-of-a-kind solution…a Sales Process guaranteed to work.

Dave Varner - Millau Group

David L. Varner

Founder & President