Presentation Options

Pick a training method that works best for you.

Webinars, Sales Conferences, Meetings, and Breakout Sessions

  • Participants gain skills and learn how to use tools that they can immediately use and receive measurable value.


  • The Millau Group facilitates webinars.
  • The webinars are very interactive; every participant is actively involved. 
  • Components include lecture, group discussion, individual work, report out, role plays, and one-on-one coaching.
  • Participants work on their own, active, critical selling situations, with no canned role plays.
  • Every participant leaves the webinar ready to put their new skills immediately to use.


  • Participant workbook.
  • Paper and electronic worksheets.
  • Reinforcement card.
  • Copy of The Sales Checklist™ (Sales Checklist™ webinar only)

Train-the-Trainer Certification

A comprehensive program that provides your trainer(s) with the skills, strategies, and hands-on experience to become internal subject matter experts with the ability to effectively teach and reinforce the content.


  • Quickly and efficiently onboard new salespeople.
  • Deliver key element review sessions as needed.
  • Internal subject matter expertise.
  • Cost effective for larger sales organizations.


  • TMG facilitated.
  • Components include lecture, discussion, individual work, practice teaching, role plays, and one-on-one coaching.
  • Co-deliver first webinar.
  • Formal certification.