"In the 10 years TMG has been in business, we’ve never had to refund a customer."

TMG guarantees you will receive your desired outcomes – or you don’t pay. 

  1. We agree to the outcomes you are seeking.
  2. If in your opinion, you have not realized these outcomes in 90 days, you don’t pay.

Navigating Through Each Sale

Teach your team the skill of identifying their true positioning


An Immediate ROI

Our training doesn’t take weeks or months see start seeing a return


What’s In It For (WIIF) Your Prospects & Customers

Understand how each buyer is impacted by your sales team.


Support the Onboarding and Ramp-Up of Salespeople

As waters rise, ships rise with it.


No More Surprise Forecasts

Forecasts are based on data, not emotion.


Find the Right Fitting Customers

Focus on opportunities that are likely to close based on data.

The Sales Checklist

The Sales Checklist™

The Sales Checklist™ is a unique tool that empowers sales professionals to have a higher baseline of performance by minimizing avoidable failures due to lack of attention, memory, or thoroughness.

Ask For Action

Ask for Action™

Ask For Action™ teaches a skill that conventional sales training doesn’t cover; how to identify the specific action desired from the next customer interaction, quickly and easily develop an influential ask, and then confidently deliver it.

Key Account Process

Key Account Process

Is your Key Account Team getting the recognition it deserves from your largest and most important customers? Are your customers treating you like a commodity when you’ve invested above and beyond your product or service?