David L. Varner

David L. Varner

Founder & President

David is a speaker, an author, and the founder of The Millau Group Global; a sales training company focused on providing their clients with simple to use solutions that are easy to coach and produce immediate results.

He was awarded “Distinguished Sales Author” by Selling Power Magazine, which also named The Sales Checklist™ as a “Highly Recommended Book” for 2020.

His career began in engineering, transitioned to sales, sales leadership, consulting and finally the founding of The Millau Group in 2012.

Dave is a firm believer that sales training must be simple to use, easy to coach, and produce immediate results, otherwise it will not be used.

Additionally, Dave understands that it is increasingly difficult to pull salespeople out of the field for training.  Therefore, he has designed Millau’s programs to be innovatively taught as 90-minute, interactive webinars.

He lives in Eden Prairie, MN, with his wife, Chris, and their two dogs and a horse. In his spare time, he writes, builds wooden boats and restores vintage race cars.

“My vision is that every organization should have an easy to use, repeatable and measurable sales process that eliminates variation in execution. Additionally, they should expect the same level of adherence to that process as they do every other functional area within organization.”

David L. Varner