Is your sales team failing to close critical opportunities?

Do you know why?

Here’s how you can find out:

In about 30 minutes, utilizing the key elements of my book The Sales Checklist - Get it right every Time™ - we will systematically review one of your critical sales, identify the gaps putting it at risk, and define what the salesperson needs to do to eliminate them and increase the probability of winning.

What do I get?

  • The gap(s) in your salesperson’s execution that are putting the sale at risk.
  • What the salesperson needs to do to eliminate the gap(s).
  • Objectives for upcoming sales calls.
  • Coaching notes for the manager.
The Sales Checklist

What others are saying

"The sales checklist is an easy-to-use tool that focuses on the key steps in successfully growing sales and creating opportunities at key accounts. The step-by-step process takes you through the critical areas and always confirms the key areas are being addressed. This will drive positive dialogue and create those desired opportunities.

I believe this tool can support each sales team member and drive them to more success at those key and targeted accounts."

Mike Pikul
Parker Hannifin
FCG / ING Process Global Sales Manager

"It was brilliant!  Fantastic conversation!  This allowed me to coach much more effectively.  For (salesperson), well, he walked away with exactly what he needed to do to move this forward.  This feels great!"

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Building Materials Distributor

"If you follow the advice, insights and action steps outlined in “The Sales Checklist,” you will most likely end up in the top 5%. This is not a ‘me-too’ book, there is nothing like it. Highly recommended!"

Gerhard Gschwandtner
CEO Selling Power Magazine

Dave Varner - Millau Group
Dave's LinkedIn

David L. Varner

Over the last 25 years, I’ve coached and trained hundreds of sales leaders and thousands of salespeople in companies such as Eaton, Honeywell, ThermoFisher Scientific, and DuPont to systematically close critical sales.

Published author, “The Sales Checklist – get it right every time” A one in a decade book!

15 years founder and president of The Millau Group Global.

12 years global consultant for Miller Heiman/Korn Ferry.


1) Critical, complex, high-dollar strategic sales. Not transactional sales.
2) Coaching opportunities to improve individual or team performance.

The reviews are confidential; we can execute an NDA if required. Additionally, you don’t have to share the names of your customers or contacts.

  • The cost is $500 per completed review.
  • Packages of 10 reviews cost $4,000 – a 20% discount.

The results are 100% guaranteed; you can stop at any time and only be responsible for the completed reviews.

3 Steps:

1) Introductory call to determine if it’s a fit for you and discuss the next steps.
2) Conversation to identify a critical, high-value, at-risk sale and review participants.
3) Execute a confidential and complimentary 30–45-minute call to systematically review the sale, identify the execution gaps that are putting it at risk, and what needs to be done to eliminate the them.

The gap(s) in your salesperson’s execution that are putting the sale at risk.
What the salesperson needs to do to eliminate the gap(s).
Coaching notes for the manager.