Are you about to lose a critical sale?

Is your salesperson missing key strategic selling steps? …do you know?

Here’s how you can find out:

In about 30 minutes, utilizing the key elements of my book The Sales Checklist - Get it right every Time™ - we will systematically review one of your critical sales, identify the gaps putting it at risk, and define what the salesperson needs to do to eliminate them and increase the probability of winning.

What do I get?

  • A completed Sales Checklist™ detailing your salesperson’s positioning and execution gaps.
  • What the salesperson needs to do to eliminate the gaps.
  • A Coaching summary and guide.
  • Hard copies of The Sales Checklist™ for all participants.
  • Electronic and hard copy of The Sales Checklist™.
The Sales Checklist

1) Do it for your key deals, the ones critical to your team’s success.
2) To provide coaching to improve a salesperson’s performance.

It’s designed for complex sales, not for transactional sales.

The reviews are confidential. Additionally, you don’t have to share the names of your customers or contacts.

The investment for a package of 10 deals reviews is $4,000, to be completed in a 3-month window. 

Results are 100% guaranteed; you can stop at any time and only be responsible for the reviews performed. 

What others are saying

If you follow the advice, insights and action steps outlined in “The Sales Checklist”, you will most likely end up in the top 5%. This is not a ‘me-too’ book, there is nothing like it. Highly recommended!

October 2023: (Salesperson) submitted his Checklist with a score of 70/100 however after discussing, the score changed to 10/100.  It was brilliant!  Fantastic conversation!  This allowed me to coach much more effectively.  For (salesperson), well, he walked away with exactly what he needed to do to move this forward.  This feels great!

Gerhard Gschwandtner

CEO Selling Power Magazine
The Saleschecklist

One in a Decade book!

Interview with Gehard-Gschwandtner