Key Account Process

Get the recognition you deserve for the value you bring.


Is The Key Account Process Right for your Organization?

Answer One Question, "Can the decision influencers within your key accounts (customers) clearly articulate the value they receive from their relationship with your organization – beyond simply a product or service?”

If the answer is no, we can help.

TMG’s Key Account Process is an intuitive, easily implemented process for identifying, growing and protecting your key accounts.

How OUR Key Account Process will impact YOUR organization

Clearly define what constitutes a key account.

Minimize the importance of price on individual sales by systematically increasing your customer’s recognition of the overall value they derive from the relationship.

Gain recognition for your value propositions and brand with all levels of the key account.

Leverage certified measurement to provide valid data to drive continuous process improvement and quantify the impact you have on their organization from the key account's perspective.

Focus resources on the accounts where they will produce the greatest return.

How it works

Tech companies provide value above and beyond the product or service - for example, technical training, engineering time, and marketing support.

KAP is a unique process designed to quantify the total value you bring your account's organization through their eyes, ensuring they give you recognition of this value in the form of increased sales and margin.