The CEO’s Sales Checklist™

A Sales Training Company

As a company executive, do you ask yourself:

  • What is my role in working with the sales team?
  • Sales results are not meeting my expectations; why do the reasons I hear seem more like excuses?
  • Why is my sales team the only department that doesn’t make decisions based on facts?

Does this describe you?

  • I don’t come from a sales background.
  • Unlike my other departments, I don’t have accurate sales data I need to make decisions; I struggle to separate facts from excuses.
  • I don’t know how to improve sales results.

Who should attend?

  • C-Suite leaders who would like to be more involved with the sales results.
  • Following the 90-minute Sales Checklist™ for the C-Suite webinar, you will:
  • Manage your sales organization based on data and facts, not gut feelings or emotions.
  • Empower your sales leaders to increase their team’s win rate and margin by systematically minimizing variation, defects, and waste.
  • Be able to confidently and constructively participate in strategic sales discussions.