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How to Avoid Traps in The Buyer’s Journey

How to Avoid Traps in “The Buyer’s Journey”

Much is written about “The Buyer’s Journey” these days; it’s one of the next shiny things. What is it? It’s the active research process that buyers go through that culminates in a decision to make a purchase, or not to.  The theory is that today’s buyers go through a significant part of this journey before…

Salespeople – BE COACHABLE!

Nearly every successful salesperson I’ve met or worked with was coachable. Most experiences in our professional careers can relate back to sports in one way or another. The best athletes are coachable and always open to learning new things, even if they don’t agree with the advice, tactic, or method. They still listen. I’m encouraging…

Customer Fit Versus Ideal Customer Profile

Customer Fit Versus Ideal Customer Profile – The Difference and Why It’s Important

Imagine this: you’re a B2B salesperson doing everything you can to move sales opportunities forward to “Closed” or “Customer” status. Your pipeline is full and you’re closing about one out of five (1/5) opportunities. The marketing team is busy feeding you leads that fit the Ideal Customer Profile, but you’re still surprised when one of…

Peeling Back the Layers for Change

Trigger Events: Peeling Back the Layers for Change

Trigger Events are one of the most crucial areas of selling to master. It’s the reason conversations happen and participants come to the table. It’s the reason decisions get made. A Trigger Event can be defined as something causing someone (your decision influencers; Customers & Prospects) to make a buying decision – What compelling event…

Asking Questions- The 50 Percent of Effective Questions

Asking Questions: The 50% of Effective Questioning That No One Talks About

Throughout my career in sales and consulting with global organizations on sales effectiveness, I’ve always been fascinated with questions. I’ve read all the books on questioning, attended programs and taught programs.

However, they all have one common critical fault; they only present half of the picture.

Caution! Should you Negotiate

Caution! Should you Negotiate?

Sales Negotiating – “Caution! Should you Negotiate?” Working with hundreds of clients over the years, it has become apparent that when we’re asked to help them improve their negotiating skills, it is often a symptom of a larger problem: salespeople not properly executing a sales process (a systematic, repeatable series of outcomes that removes variation…

Why do Salespeople need Motivation?

Why do Salespeople need Motivation?

As someone whose career began over 30 years ago as an engineer and evolved into selling and finally into sales training, I’ve always had a difficult time understanding why salespeople need motivating. Engineers don’t need motivating; neither do accountants or even someone in a shipping department. Have you ever heard of a ‘rah-rah’ session for your…