A Checklist for Complex Sales

How would you feel about taking a flight where the pilot didn’t use a checklist?

Why, then, do you let your salespeople sell without one?​

Pilots use checklists not because they don’t know how to fly but because they operate in a complex environment where it’s easy to miss a step and make critical errors. They must get it right every time.​

Salespeople also operate in a complex environment where it’s easy to miss a step that results in an adverse outcome – a lost sale. Shouldn’t they also utilize a checklist?​

Checklists empower processionals to immediately have a higher baseline of performance by reminding them of the necessary steps in a sales process where missing one step potentially has the same consequences as missing all the steps.​

What does a checklist specifically for complex sales look like?

a checklist for complex sales

What are others saying:​

​Global Sales Process Manager of Parker Hannifin, Mike Pikul:​

​The sales checklist is an easy-to-use tool that focuses on the key steps in successfully growing sales and creating opportunities. ​

The step-by-step process takes you through the critical areas and always confirms the key areas are being addressed.​

CEO Selling Power Magazine, Gerhard Gschwandtner​:

If you follow the advice, insights and action steps outlined in “The Sales Checklist,” you will most likely end up in the top 5%. This is not a ‘me-too’ book, there is nothing like it. Highly recommended!​

Vice President Sales & Marketing Absolute Distribution, Luke Guittar, Building Materials Distributor​:

It was brilliant!  Fantastic conversation!  This allowed me to coach much more effectively.  For (salesperson), well, he walked away with exactly what he needed to do to move this forward.  This feels great!​

We have a complex sale; is this a fit?​:

The Sales Checklist™ is designed for complex sales, not transactional sales, for industries such as medical product/device, industrial, distribution, automation, manufacturing, and aerospace.

We already have a sales process; why do we need this?​:

Your sales process is analogous to the pilot flying an airplane, we don’t teach your team how to fly (sell), we teach them to use a checklist to make sure they don’t miss a step. ​

Isn’t this just more sales training?​:

This isn’t sales training. Just as checklists don’t teach pilots how to fly The Sales Checklist doesn’t teach your team how to sell; it ensures they don’t miss steps. ​

Does this work with CRM?​:

The Sales Checklist bolts onto all major CRMs.​

How do I find out more?​:

Click here to schedule a 15-minute call where I will take you through the Sales Checklist, and you can see for yourself how it will impact your team’s results.​

 The Sales Checklist