Do you worry that you or your sales team are missing steps that put your most important deals at risk?

The Sales Checklist™ – Get it right every time

An innovative, easy to use checklist to avoid missing critical steps and minimize losses in complex sales.

The Sales Checklist™ empowers sales professionals to immediately have a higher baseline of performance by reminding them of the necessary steps in a sales process where missing one step potentially has the same consequences as missing all the steps.

Checklists minimize avoidable failures due to lack of attention, memory, or thoroughness.

In today’s complex selling environment, knowing how to ask questions, develop trigger events, make presentations, handle objections, etc. is not enough. Knowing what to do, and not missing steps, is just as critical.

Pilots know how to fly airplanes, but they use a checklist to make certain they don’t miss a step; they need to get it right every time. It’s the same with salespeople, to get it right every time, they need to use The Sales Checklist™.

The Sales Checklist™ is easy to use, simple to coach, and produces immediate results.

Praise for The Sales Checklist™

“The Sales Checklist is a delight since it combines a real-life narrative with a simple, proven step-by-step process for reaching sales success every time. If you follow the advice, insights and action steps outlined in The Sales Checklist, you will most likely end up in the top 5%.”

“This is not a “me too” book, there is nothing like it. Highly recommended!”

Gerhard Gschwandtner
CEO Selling Power Magazine

I LOVED the book! Picked it up Saturday, and literally just finished it! It reminded me of The Goal which is one of my favorite business books. I’m an avid sailor, so loved the analogy to the rowing boat.

I’m going to start applying in Tuesday’s sales meeting.

This is fabulous and simple! We know the steps, but we forget to follow them ALL.

I’ll be back in touch as I roll this out.

Kalas Manufacturing, Inc.
Vice President of Technical Sales and Market Development

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10 Questions The Sales Checklist™ Answers

  1. Why even after investing, or more likely reinvesting, in sales training does our sales organization continue to have approximately a 75% losing rate?
  2. Why is there variation with how salespeople execute our sales process and how our sales managers coach?
  3. Why do we continually reinvest in sales training and/or CRM about every 3-years and tell ourselves, “This time we’ll get it right”?
  4. Why do our sales meetings ramble on and not produce actionable outcomes?
  5. Why are we blindsided by surprise losses?
  6. Why do our salespeople continue to pursue opportunities that they are not likely to win?
  7. Why do we use gut feelings and anecdotal evidence, and not data, to determine our sales team’s skill gaps?
  8. Why don’t we use data to prepare our forecasts and identify where to invest our sales support resources, such as engineering and marketing?
  9. Why don’t our salespeople have time to pursue net new business?
  10. Why do we not systematically perform win/loss reviews?

10 Outcomes of using The Sales Checklist™

  1. Run your sales organization based on data, not gut feelings or emotions.
  2. Minimize Variation – in sales execution and sales coaching.
  3. Minimize Defects – lost sales and the pursuit of losing opportunities.
  4. Minimize Waste – focus sales resources where they will yield the greatest returns.
  5. Increase closing/conversion rate, margins and sales revenue.
  6. Eliminate surprise losses.
  7. Systematically disengage from 15%-20% or more of your current pipeline opportunities.
  8. Optimize previous sales training investments.
  9. Win/loss reviews will be easy, systematic & productive.
  10. Salespeople will have additional time to pursue net new sales opportunities.

Is the Sales Checklist™ Right for you?

Select a critical, active sales opportunity where the outcome is in doubt. Write it up as a case study and ask each member of your sales organization, “What do you do next to move this opportunity forward and increase the probability of winning.

How many different answers would you get?

If it’s more than one, we can help.

If it’s more than one, you have a sales process which is yielding a high degree of variation in execution, defects and waste.