The Sales Checklist™ Interactive Webinar

Learn a bulletproof process that minimizes the risk of unexpected losses.
Build a predictable, manageable pipeline and goal-oriented, focused team.


Is the Sales Checklist™ Right for you? One question.

Select a critical, active sales opportunity where the outcome is in doubt. Write it up as a case study and ask each member of your sales organization:

“What do you do next to move this opportunity forward and increase the probability of winning?”

How many different answers would you get?

If it’s more than one, we can help.

If it’s more than one, frankly, you don’t have a sales process.

In this 90-minute interactive webinar, you’ll learn a process that is simple to use, easy to coach and produces immediate results.

The Sales Checklist Workshop is based on the critically acclaimed The Sales Checklist™ book by Dave Varner, called a “one in a decade” sales book by the Selling Power Magazine CEO.

The Sales Checklist Workshop addresses these obstacles to industry-leading close rates:



Every team member follows their own sales system, which is unpredictable and unmanageable. Sales-related decisions are made based on gut feelings, not data.



Your close rate is around the industry average of 25%, which means that three out of four opportunities you’re involved in end up as lost or no-decision.



75% of your sales, marketing, engineering, and sales support resources are wasted on opportunities that never close.


10 Questions The Sales Checklist™ Interactive Webinar Answers

  • Why does our sales organization continue to have approximately a 75% losing rate?
  • Why is there variation with how salespeople execute our sales process and how our sales managers coach?
  • Why do we continually reinvest in sales training and/or CRM about every 3- years and tell ourselves, “This time we’ll get it right”?
  • Why do our sales meetings ramble on and not produce actionable outcomes?
  • Why are we blindsided by surprise losses?
  • Why do our salespeople continue to pursue opportunities that they are not likely to win?
  • Do we use gut feelings and anecdotal evidence, and not data, to determine our sales team’s skill gaps?
  • How to use data to prepare our forecasts and identify where to invest our sales support resources, such as engineering and marketing?
  • Why don’t our salespeople have time to pursue new business?
  • How to systematically perform win/loss reviews that actually teach us something?

10 Outcomes of using The Sales Checklist™ Interactive Webinar

  • Minimize Variation – standardize sales execution and sales coaching.
  • Minimize Defects – increase your close rate.
  • Minimize Waste – focus sales resources where they will yield the greatest returns.
  • Run your sales organization based on data, not gut feelings or emotions.
  • Increase closing/conversion rate, margins and sales revenue.
  • Eliminate surprise losses.
  • Systematically disengage from 15%-20% or more of your current pipeline opportunities.
  • Optimize previous sales training investments.
  • Make your Win/loss reviews easy, systematic & productive.
  • Give your salespeople additional time to pursue net new sales opportunities.

Why is The Sales Checklist Interactive webinar different?

There are many outstanding sales skills programs available. They teach how to ask questions, plan sales calls, handle objectives, pursue complex sales, manage key accounts, make presentations, and so forth. The reality is that most salespeople have an acceptable level of skills. Can they get better? Absolutely. Is it the real performance problem sales organizations are facing? No.

The foundational problem lies in the process: how you coach your people, how you identify real opportunities worth investing in versus the ones you should disengage from as soon as possible. And, above all, how you make everyone in the team follow the same blueprint.

That’s why The Sales Checklist Workshop doesn’t teach the skills (soft or hard,) it teaches the process you need to get the most out of the skills you already have.

Unlike other training programs, it brings immediate results. The execution of the curriculum will not depend on your team’s motivation (which is usually sky high after a workshop and it gradually dies down until nobody remembers what the training was about.)

The Sales Checklist methodology sticks.

The format: 90-minute interactive webinar

The Sales Checklist Workshop is available as an interactive 90-minute webinar that guarantees the highest return on investment:

  • It’s very cost-effective
  • It means no time out of the field for participants
  • You don’t pay for travel
  • It can take the place of one regularly scheduled sales meeting

How does it work?

  • Theory and practice: lecture, group discussion, individual work, report out, role plays and one-on-one coaching
  • Real-world scenarios: participants work on their own active sales pursuits
  • Every participant leaves the webinar with a plan to move their most critical sales opportunity forward – or use data, not emotions, to make an informed decision to disengage and invest resources elsewhere