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Add this to your Q4 plans immediately – We can Help

Many of your training and sales leaders are looking how to squeeze every little bit of training, travel, and sales improvement budgets you have left available for the year.

It’s November. Mid Q4; some start to sweat, others are cool and confident in their forecasts and plans.

I’m going to throw you a monkey wrench. Here’s an area of training you’ve not considered…


Teaching your team how to ASK with influence and confidence.

In Q4 we will improve your sales team’s ability to ask for what they want and get it.  How would your year-end results be impacted if your sales team was proficient at asking:

  • For the order
  • For the next project
  • For the next meeting
  • To be specified
  • For more of the customer’s business


These are real “asks” as we call it.

Like you, we take a hard look at the training industry and what it has to offer. So many sales teams invest in “sales training” to teach them negotiating, buyer profile, prospecting, branding, social selling, and anything else that’s offered in the wide and deep sales effectiveness vertical.

However, how many of those training topics come second to being able to ask for what you want?  How much more effective would your sales team be if they were skilled at developing and delivering influential asks?

Dave Varner and I took a step back and realized that salespeople were coming out of multiple day sales training programs but still couldn’t confidently ask for the order, price increase or even a meeting. That sneaky “gut feeling” of nervousness negatively impacts our level of confidence and influence. It’s the same feeling we had when we had to ask someone out on a date for the first time.

It doesn’t go away. As we age and grow our personal brand and status, the need for asking (not questioning) for an action doesn’t go away. Yes, this is a plug for our workshop, but it should also be a wake-up call to your training curriculum. Our clients come to understand that a sales team without the ability to effectively ask for what they want and get it, cannot maximize their previous investments in training.  Their “ah-ha” moment is that the training they deliver is HEAVILY dependent on the participant’s skills to effectively ASK for something from their customers, prospects, and internal support teams.

Give us 6 hours and we will provide your sales organization with a skill that will move the needle immediately.

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David Varner

David Varner: With a background in engineering, sales and global consulting, Dave brings a unique perspective to the sales training industry. This is evident in the workshops that Millau offers: simple to execute, based on data - not emotions - and produce immediate, measurable results. Dave is the co-author of the soon to be released books, The Sales Checklist and Not The Next Shiny Thing.