How to Ask for Referrals

Every salesperson wants more referrals, and ALL sales leaders want their people asking for referrals consistently and confidently. Asking for a referral seems simple, but isn’t always easy. We seem to follow the path of least resistance and ask in an indirect way or procrastinate altogether. In Susan Ward’s article, How
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Are your prospects engaged?

Are your Prospects Engaged?

When TMG works with sales individuals, groups, and organizations, the question of “what makes for a great fitting customer?” often comes up. I call this our “Customer Fit” criteria. Customer fit is a pivotal section in our Sales Checklist and Key Account Process. The purpose is to ensure you’re spending time
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Buyer's Journey

How to Avoid Traps in “The Buyer’s Journey”

Much is written about “The Buyer’s Journey” these days; it’s one of the next shiny things. What is it? It’s the active research process that buyers go through that culminates in a decision to make a purchase, or not to.  The theory is that today’s buyers go through a significant
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Salespeople – BE COACHABLE!

Nearly every successful salesperson I’ve met or worked with was coachable. Most experiences in our professional careers can relate back to sports in one way or another. The best athletes are coachable and always open to learning new things, even if they don’t agree with the advice, tactic, or method.
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Customer Fit Versus Ideal Customer Profile – The Difference and Why It’s Important

Imagine this: you’re a B2B salesperson doing everything you can to move sales opportunities forward to “Closed” or “Customer” status. Your pipeline is full and you’re closing about one out of five (1/5) opportunities. The marketing team is busy feeding you leads that fit the Ideal Customer Profile, but you’re
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